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Vacuum Controller

Device developed to adjust and control the degree of vacuum in vacuum systems which are composed vacuum pump and controller. Vacuum controller is widely used along with rotary evaporator for distillation, separation and evaporation procedures in quality control laboratories, universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, etc.

Technical data

Vacuum range1 to 1000 mbar
Control operation mode

Single-point control mode

Programmed control mode

Control programsCan store up to 5 programs, each containing 5-step control
Display5-inches TFT touch screen
Overload pressure1500 mbar
Connector diameter8 mm
Materials in contact with vaporPTFE, PP, silicone, and ceramics
Power600 W
Compatible conditions with vacuum pump

Power of 50 Hz vacuum pump ≤400 W

Power of 60 Hz vacuum pump ≤500 W

Overall dimensions189 x 207 x 193 mm
Weight4 kg
Power supply110-240V, 50/60Hz


User manual