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Gel Imaging System

Gel imaging system can be used for qualitative analysis of nucleic acid and protein in purification and separation application. GELSMART facilitates to acquire high quality images of electrophoresis gel or transfer membrane. With its epi-blue light rather than UV light, it effectively excites many dyes and stains without compromising the integrity of samples.

Technical data

Light source470nm epi blue light
White lightYes
Filter protective shieldAmber color, using when observing or cutting gels
Viewing area10 x 10 cm
Compatible dye

DNA: ECO Safe, SYBR® Safe, GelGreen®

Protein: Lightning red, silver, Coomassie blue, SYPRO® Ruby

Light source dimensions216 x 168 x 54 mm
Light source cover dimensions211 x 161 x 108 mm
Total size216 x 168 x 128 mm
Weight1.2 kg
Power supply12V/1.5A AC power adapter
Optional appfor Android 8.0 and above


Light source

Light source cover

Filter protective shield

Gel illuminator tray

Ultra-wide-angle lens

Filter lens clip

Mini USB to Micro USB cable

AC power adapter

User manual