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Stirring Tools

Stirring tools are essential accessories for overhead stirrers and their performance depends on their correct selection. This choice must be based on 3 fundamental aspects: flow type, sample volume and viscosity. They are ideal for different applications, from low to high speed, depending on type of stirring tool selected.

Technical data

Model (sku)Propeller stirrer (18900071)Straight stirrer (18900072)Paddle stirrer (18900073)Centrifugal stirrer (18900074)Radial-flow stirrer (18900626)Grand dissolving stirrer (18900500)
Shaft length

40 cm

60 cm
Shaft diameterΦ8 mm
Stirrer diameterΦ50 mmΦ60 mmΦ68 mmΦ90 mmΦ50 mmΦ100 mm
Flow typeAxialRadialRadialRadialRadialRadial

316L stainless steel

    • Ideal for standard stirring applications at medium and high speed
    • Useful for narrow neck vessels and low viscosity media at medium and high speeds
    • Useful for gentle mixing at low speeds
    • Minimum turbulence
    • Useful for narrow neck vessels at medium to high speed
    • Blades open while speeding
    • Suitable for medium and high speeds, low and medium viscosity materials
    • Ideal for high viscosity materials (pseudoplastic), medium and high speeds
    • High shear force and breaking down particles


Stirring tools are essential accessories for overhead stirrers.